The 2020 Uncoast Unconference

Bringing R users and developers together in flyover country.
Check out our work from 2019 and start thinking of ideas for 2020!

April 16 - April 18, 2020 in Minneapolis.

What is an unconf?
2019 Uncoast Unconf at John Deere Financial.

Photo credit: Alexa Earlywine

What is an unconference?

Unlike a conference with scheduled sessions and the mere hope of future collaboration, at an unconference, the collaboration happens in real time! Modeled on rOpenSci unconfs, at the Uncoast Unconf, R users and developers of all different backgrounds and levels will come together for two days to collaborate on exciting data science projects. In addition, we will be hosting a Day 0 workshop for participants who are new to package development and collaboration with Github. For more on this type of unconference, see this post

“The Uncoast Unconf was the most productive professional development activity I’ve ever done.” - Karsten Maurer.


Day 0

An optional 'Day Zero' workshop for learning how to write R packages and collaborate with Github. Led by Amelia McNamara and Ian Lyttle.

Day 1

Start with some introductions, form project groups, and go!

Day 2

Continue to work on projects, group discussions, report out, dinner as a group.



April 16-18, 2020


Wilson Research Collaboration Studio - Univeristy of Minnesota - Minneapolis, MN



Deadline to Apply

March 4th


Applications have closed. Decisions will be made by March 11.


Our participants will represent the wide variety of skills and experience of all R users, from beginners to developers. They will represent the industry, academia, and government. We are proud to bring a diverse group of R users and developers together in the middle of America.


Ben Crary

Environmental Engineer, LimnoTech

Ben holds an MS in environmental engineering from UW Madison and currently works for LimnoTech in St. Paul, MN. He specializes in environmental statistics and data visualization.

Sam Tyner

AAAS Science Policy Fellow, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Sam earned her PhD in Statistics from Iowa State University in 2017 and is currently a Science and Technology Fellow with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Uncoast Unconf exists because of her ideas and hard work! Check out her interests at her website.

Ethan Brown

Research Associate, University of Minnesota

Ethan is an open science & free software enthusiast with a background in statistics education. His current passions are simulating data to support educational researchers in their decision-making, when he is not busy writing Valentine’s Day songs for R..

Day Zero Leaders

Amelia McNamara

Professor of Statistics, University of St. Thomas

Amelia is a professor of statistics in the Department of Computer & Information Sciences at the University of St Thomas. Her research interests include statistics education, statistical computing, data visualization, and spatial statistics.

Ian Lyttle

Distinguished Technical Expert, Schneider Electric

Ian works as a data scientist at Schneider Electric in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His computing interests include data visualization, interactivity, and learning different ways to think about programming and workflows.

Seeking sponsors for 2020!

If you have questions about sponsorship or your organization is interested in becoming a sponsor for 2020, please email Ben Crary at benjamin.crary@gmail.com. Another thanks to our past sponsors.